Alan Preparing for Senior Recording Session - 
his own original compositions!

Catherine learns bass parts for School of Worship
Chandler and Chase improvise a chord progression
 Lilliann takes a break from the summer sun for a piano lesson!


2013 Broadway Showcase



Braden learns some new chords!

Joel performs his original song for graduation

Christmas Caroling (Hot Chocolate Break!)

Mardi Gras Piano Recital

First Recital

Grayson warms up his fingers with an orange improvisation

Megan and Kelsey pose after singing the "The Cup Song"
at the GP Talent Show



Roxanne, Kelsey, Karissa and Mike Leading Worship at  Grace Place

Dustin and Mike performing with their band, Fallen's Refuge 


Jason and his band Caelum (with Ben Plaza also from our studio) will perfom Wed, Nov 17, 7 pm at the Music Fast at Loveland High. Please come cheer them on!

Jason and Ben Performing their original, "This Road" 



Sonja, Anna, Ben, Lily and Gracy share their singing talents at an October recital 



Lily, Sarah, Sonja and Katie on "Costume & Make Up Day" 
 for our Cats Broadway Musicale

Students enjoy performing at the Spotlight Music Cafe


John and Bobby perform with their band, Celeste
Bobby now plays, writes and tours with Bethel 
John models in L.A. & N.Y.C.

Bobby Strand on Tour (left: songwriter, producer, lead guitarist for Bethel Music



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