Christine is a phenomenal teacher, pianist, composer and woman of great character.  She has a reputation here in Loveland as being one of the best piano composition/fine arts teachers around. ~ Theresa, Loveland Sings Choir Director​


Our family has had the privilege of knowing and working with Christine for over 15 years. Each of our six kids have had lessons with her: piano, composition, and voice.  We would go nowhere else and continue to recommend her to everyone we know!  Thanks, Christine, for years and years of the best instruction, multitudes of encouragement, and a very special friendship.  ~ Claire S.​


My daughter Shelby has taken vocal lessons from Christine for about 4 months.  The improvement I have seen in her singing has been amazing!  She has developed confidence and has been in 3 performances to date.  Christine’s’ knowledge in vocal and musical training is so expansive and her teaching style with Shelby has been incredible.  She so looks forward to her weekly lesson!  I would not hesitate to recommend Christine for any sort of musical lessons.  ~ Vickie D.


We really appreciate the time you spent with Joel, and I think it has made him a better musician. He is considering taking on a music minor at UNC. I was amazed at the amount of good training you were able to impart in such a short time. Also, the way you were able to relate to him was unique. He was not optimistic before he met you, because he had had instruction from several people in the past, and they usually focused on things that really didn't seem important to Joel. But when he would finish a lesson with you, he would often come home and excitedly tell me about the lesson and what he was learning. Also, the way you never seemed to condemn him or criticize him for not being able to do more was so good. When we first started, he was saying that he only wanted 3 or 4 lessons, so I knew you were getting along well when he continued through the semester. ~ Molly F.


Thank you for all you have done.  You were really put in place by the Lord to minister to Aaron and prepare him for his own work of leading us in worship. ~ Trisha S. 


My son has been taking composition, improv and piano from Chris for more than 6 years now. During that time, his abilities have skyrocketed. She has seen him through winning many composition contests, publishing a song book when he was 13, a composition "dry spell" or two finally culminating in him recording a CD of his arrangements and compositions for his senior project. She always was encouraging and challenging but never added to the already high pressure life a Jr. High/High School students leads these days. If your child is just "musically creative," Chris will tailor a program that will help him or her to reach their potential and enjoy doing it. I can't say enough good about her and her studio. We love you Chris! ~ Renea H.


Thanks for Saturday. The whole experience was very sweet! The love your pour into all of those kids was very evident!  ~ Tiffany D.


Our two daughters, Samantha and Maddie, thoroughly enjoy the music lessons they have with Chris - Sam on the piano and Maddie in voice.  Chris not only is an expert in so many areas of music, she also (and even more importantly) builds into the lives of each of her students, continually encouraging and motivating them to excel.  Chris helps them to develop the desire and the confidence to go beyond their perceived abilities, in a fun-loving, comfortable environment.  Our family feels extremely blessed to know Chris and to be a part of her music studio!  ~   Therese S.

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